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Current Project - Posters for our Diverse Community

PrEP Action Crew (PAC) are currently working on a poster series to raise awareness and address misconceptions about PrEP.

This action aims to have the following qualities:

  • Diverse.  Reflecting the varied composition and natures of the people that are PrEP seekers and PrEP users.​​

    • It will be a poster series showing different people, looks, genders and transgenders​ (Bears, twinks, muscle, young, old, people of colour, transgender, men and women).  We will recognise and reflect the different affinity groups within our community.

    • The posters will be produced in a number of languages.

  • Flexible. Versions of the posters will have different messaging informed by local activists who are in touch with the messages their community needs to hear about PrEP.  They may target various things like, price, availability, effectiveness, stigma​ and freedom from, fear.

  • A community library of resource material.  The copyright on the material we produce will be Public Domain with a caveat that it will be used for the positive promotion of PrEP and Prep users and PrEP seekers.  We will make the raw images available online and offer to distribute printed works to anywhere on the globe that can use them effectively. 

PAC A4 Cheap PrEP Landscape  PR001
PAC A4 Cheap PrEP PR001
PAC A3 Free PrEP PR001
PAC A3 Cheap PrEP PR001
PAC A4 Free PrEP Landscape  PR001
PAC A2 Free PrEP PR001
PAC A4 Free PrEP PR001
PAC A2 Cheap PrEP PR001
PAC Clinic Card side A & B 010
Crowd Fund the Next Poster in the Series
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Funds held for PAC by Rabbit International

We've managed to gather the resources for Poster One in the series but we need your help to keep it going.  We will need close to $3,000 for the next one. We need your donation.  Any amount, big or small will help.  Anything over $200 and we'll send you a glossy print of the current poster as a keepsake and a big thank you.


Our big Poster One thanks goes to:

Damien Hinds, the photographer (The Dark Room)  and our two enthusiastic and supportive models Charlie and Chris,

We'd also like to really thank Green Cross Pharmacy for donating the cost of shipping to get the print posters out all over the world.  

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