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Meet the PreP Action Crew

PrEP Action Crew is a nationwide collective of individuals and organisations who want to promote awareness of PrEP as a way of ending the HIV epidemic and freeing people from fear of contracting the virus. We are action based and will come together to leverage our communities resources to energise the PrEP revolution. We are sex positive, self empowered and focused on specific actions.

If you would like to join PAC you need to be sex positive, willing to act, keen to produce PrEP aware materials and distribute them in your local networks, venues and clubs.  We believe in talking directly to the community of people affected and empowering them to take action to protect themselves and shed fear.

Do yo have resources?

Can you donate services like printing, design or shipping?  Come sit by us, we'd love to have a chat. :)

Thanks! Message sent.

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