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40% Drop in Sero-converstions Two Years Running is Astounding!

"The rate of new HIV diagnoses at London’s largest sexual health clinic has plummeted by 40 percent two years running, for a cumulative reduction of two thirds since 2015, the Evening Standard reports. Given such an exciting and relatively sudden downward trend, administrators at the 56 Dean Street clinic, located in the gay neighborhood of Soho, have just set a new, ambitious target of hitting zero diagnoses within five years." Article here

Whats changed in the last two years is PrEP. Some AIDS/HIV organisations are tempted to wind in their long term strategies as suddenly being successful but the thing that has changed is PrEP and PrEP via personal importation.

Its a firm indicator that PrEP is working at a community level and not just as a protection for individuals. Its also a very clear signal to the well funded AIDS/HIV organisations that they need to quickly pivot to promoting and supporting PrEP as an intervention. So far its been community grass-roots action, sometimes in the face of nay-saying and discouragement from organisations, that has driven rapid uptake. Self Selection was noted in research by Dr Bob Grant as efficient and closely correlating to those most at risk of acquiring HIV. Letting people get their own PrEP through personal importation has been and extraordinarily successful strategy in de-vectoring this virus.

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